Jonathan Ross
Web Co-Chair

Jonathan Ross is the co-chair for the Web Committee. Currently, Jonathan is an instructor in Digital Media Technologies at A-B Tech Community College. At A-B Tech he teaches graphic design, web design, audio/video, animation/motion graphics, and a little programming. 

Back in the 1990’s Jonathan started as a graphic designer and then a motion graphics designer for corporate communications. Later, he worked at (then named Eagle Entertainment) as a lead designer, and jack-of-all-trades. At Eagle, Jonathan did graphic design, motion design, audio/video editing, interactive CDROMs and DVDs, and more. Even made the coffee. 

Jonathan started teaching in 2002, in continuing education, as the Director of the Digital Media Institute at Blueridge CC. In 2004 he became the first teacher of the Digital Media Technology program at A-B Tech. When not teaching, Jonathan is usually singing, gardening… or playing disc golf. He is the graphic/web designer with the Disc Golf Design Group and a freelance/contract media designer and consultant as WebSchematix. Jonathan is the creator of, a project for tracking charity and memorial/tribute disc golf putters.