AIGA Presents: WatchStack – Group Talk & Signal Buzz


During WatchStack, we will gather in a Zoom meeting and highlight a talk that YOU, the audience, will select. Then we will facilitate a “stacked” dialogue where everyone will have the opportunity to comment and share thoughts and responses to the talk. All are welcome. We are currently highlighting Black and POC voices.


Find yourself a comfy space where you can be uninterrupted for 60 minutes. Please plan to show up at 5:30pm EST, we will start the programming at 5:33 and locking the room shortly after establishing the container. This means if you are too late you won't be able to get in. This is to help maintain the quality of creating a safe contianer for authentic sharing.


Afterwards you'll be invited to go go forth and share the talk with someone else in your circle and create something inspired by it and share.


Please note that the Zoom link will be sent out 48 hours before the meeting and then again day of. It will not be published publicly to avoid a room takeover. Please do not share the link publicly once you get it. 

When & Where
Tue, Jul 21, 2020 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM EDT